Saturday, July 5, 2008

Big Booms!

I finally caught up on NFNS the other night. I wasn't at all shocked to see Jen go... She seems like a nice person, but just couldn't get it together. I don't think she has a strong enough personality either. Down to 5! Got caught up on Iron Chef too... Now to get behind again this Sunday.

I also got the cookie jar filled up the other day... Chocolate Banana Cookies from Farm Journal's Best Ever Cookies. This is my favorite cookie cookbook, I've been using it since I was a kid. It made a very cake like cookie, and quite good. Added a little extra flour since the batter seemed too wet and some cinnamon for flavor, goes good with banana. I've been looking for another way to use mushy bananas.

Hope everyone had a good 4th of July. We did the usual harbor sail on the parent's in law's sailboat. This will more than likely be the last year for that, as they are pretty determined to get going on that world cruise this year. Or at least get the boat out of the US. When that happens, I will then have immediate family in 3 countries. Yay, more vacation spots!

Fun was had by all, Daddy helped Little Girl drive the boat... She seemed to think it was quite fun. Bella thought the BBQ was a wonderful idea, and really thought that everyone's food, including Granddad's was for her. She is such a polite beggar.... And such a pretty girl! Alexandrea conked out with Grandma at the end.

Here's also a few pictorial highlights of the fireworks show, taken with the newly discovered fireworks setting on my camera. ( I use a Sony DSC-T200, third Sony digital I've had, love them!) The rocking motion of the boat made for some neat effects....

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