Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Catch Up

I feel like I have been playing catch up all week. I have been trying to catch up on the DVR for days. I'm down to one episode of Next Food Network Star to go... Behind a bit on Iron Chef too... Didn't help that the power went out the other day and managed to wipe my setting on the DVR downstairs. Thankfully, the upstairs DVR still recorded everything. Speaking of Iron Chef, anyone catch Anne Burrell's new show?? I thought the concept to be great, but I hope she loosens up some, she seemed stiff and a bit over-rehearsed. I've added it to the DVR since it think it has a lot of promise, I look forward to Mario Batali battles partly for her. On that note, will someone give him an new show besides Iron Chef?? I like a knowledgeable person who also makes me laugh!!

I've also been trying to catch up all over the house due to the Great Antvasion of 2008. Every year, we get invaded by ants for a week or two. We have to hide the food, make a Raid barrier into the pantry and hope for the best. So far, they've hit the four legged family members food, half a box of See's candy, a mug of juice left in the craft room, candy left in the game room, and so on. NOT THE PANTRY!! Last year they hit it twice, and I twice had to clean it out, spray and such. Did get nicely organized for a while, though.

Dinner was Pick Up Sticks. Some nights, you just gotta have the House Special Chicken.... In no way shape or form truly Chinese, but tasty all the same. Rice was dry....

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