Monday, July 14, 2008

Freekin' Internet!!!!!

Arrg, out Internet connection is not working right! It goes in and out, now seems to be in. We think it's the modem, for some reason it's not putting through enough bandwidth to support more than one computer and even then it seems to go in and out. So, please expect a better update later, I don't feel like braving putting any pictures up at all.

Yesterday we went to the Orange County Fair. I saw several sheep's worth of wool I'd love to get my hands on, especially one Lincoln ewe that had the loveliest fleece, a really neat mix of darks and lights, and some Coopworths that were white as snow, I've never seen a fleece on the hoof that was that white. I mean, they positively shone. All those sheep, and there were a lot of sheep, made me dream of greener pastures and larger yards... I've really got to start buying those lottery tickets. That and the chickens... I love the idea of fresh eggs all the time. Maybe an Alpaca?? Or two, wouldn't want him or her to get lonely. Might as well throw in a Angora goat and rabbit also!

I did get a few more rows on Little Girl's blanket done... I'd post a picture but with the Internet thing, not really worth it, just imagine a stripe of lavender in there... I also did some carding for a not-for-me project that had been lingering for almost two years, a family friends Sheltie's fur. More on that later, but let's just say I significantly decreased the size of what I am carding and spinning and recommending a few fiber mills to her.

The cable Internet guy will be here in the AM, so root for a better connection by tomorrow evening!

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